Invesco Field flags nothing but props

Remember all the flags that served as background props during Sen. Obama’s appearance at Invesco Field? It turns out that after they served their purpose, they were discarded like yesterday’s trash.  Luckily, an Invesco Field worker salvaged what the Obama campaign deems to be trash.  While this will most likely go unnoticed by the general public, the story is ripe with symbolism.

Ed at HotAir links the US Flag Code that dictates the appropriate way to dispose of a flag.

UPDATE: Democrats are claiming that the the story is false and that the flags were in storage for later donation. Who stores 12,000 American flags by a dumpster?

I just spoke with the person at Invesco who found the flags and he thinks both sides are exaggerating a bit. The person claims the majority of the bags with flags in them were near the trash, on a dock, and would have been thrown away. The person thinks it was probably an “oversight” by the Democrats rather than any nefarious plot against the flag. But the person doesn’t believe anyone was coming to get them: “The flags were there for a week and a day and no one came looking for them.”

Obviously, Barry doesn’t involve himself in the flag-donation process, but as I said before, it’s ripe with symbolism and it isn’t something he needed at this point in his campaign.



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4 responses to “Invesco Field flags nothing but props

  1. AP

    I think you are exaggerating – who stores 12,000 flags? Someone who’s running for president who could use them at rallies. Perhaps someone volunteering for the DNC forgot to pick them up, perhaps someone took these photos to create controversy. Either way it doesn’t solve any issue for the American people.

  2. JP

    This is a pretty useless story…what are they supposed to do with the flags, put them under their pillows everyday from now until they die?

    This is a non-issue…doesn’t the GOP have more pressing subjects to address?

  3. Brian

    Meh, I don’t know. So the flags were nothing but props? Isn’t that what a flag is in the first place?

    Sheesh, it’s not like flags contain the souls of newborn babies or something.

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