Obama plagiarism v3.0

Oh, boy.

Lest we forget…


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One response to “Obama plagiarism v3.0

  1. Golden

    Oh it get much worse than mere plaigerism.
    Sections of Obama’s live certificate of birth
    have REDACTED sections in it. Yep, redacted
    which of course means blacked out. Why?
    In this post, scroll down about 2/3rds there
    is a link to the Israeli-iInsider Online’s own
    independent investigation into the phony
    FactCheck work on his birth certificate. This
    man may not even be a legal US citizen. The
    USA pro-Obama media refused to look into
    the story. I think there was a media wide
    conspiracy to squelch the story in the US
    press. Here is a link to the good reporting the
    Israelis did on this uncomfortable “birth certificate redaction” issue:


    the blog essay where the link also appears:


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