Rasmussen polls OH, PA, CO, FL, VA:

  • McCain is trusted more than Obama in all five states.
  • In all five states, McCain is viewed more favorably than Obama.
  • Also, in all five states, Sarah Palin draws higher “Very Favorable” ratings than any other candidate.
  • In all states except Colorado, McCain enjoys a bigger margin among Republicans than Obama does among Democrats In Colorado, they are even.
  • Economic issues are the top issue in all five states with national security matters a distant second.
  • The number who would not be comfortable with Obama as President is higher in every state than the number saying the same about McCain. This is consistent with national polling data showing that McCain voters are more likely than Obama supporters to be primarily voting against the other candidate.
  • Obama has the edge among unaffiliated voters in three states, McCain in two. Nationally, unaffiliated voters are fairly evenly divided.
  • Pennsylvania has more undecided voters than any other state—seven percent (7%). Most of these are Democrats or unaffiliated voters.

The most dramatic increase is OH’s poll: McCain is over 50% and leading by +7 pts. That is dangerous territory for Obama.

ABC News/WaPo:

  • White women have moved from 50-42 percent in Obama’s favor before the conventions to 53-41 percent for McCain now, a 20-point shift in the margin that’s one of the single biggest post-convention changes in voter preferences. The other, also to McCain’s advantage, is in the battleground Midwest, where he’s moved from a 19-point deficit to a 7-point edge.
  • Registered voters split 47-46 percent between Obama and McCain; that’s tightened from an 8-point Obama lead in July to its closest since February, before either candidate secured his party’s nomination.
  • Then there are former Clinton supporters. In this poll 72 percent of them are behind Obama for the nomination, 23 percent for McCain – much like the 70-20 percent division before the Democratic convention, at which Clinton expressed full support for her former rival. Just 50 percent of Clinton supporters say they’re “definitely” for Obama.

Having 23% of Hillary supporters defecting to the opposing party is something that should not be taken lightly by the Obama campaign.  I remember a poll (have to look for it) where about 20% of Democrats polled said they were not voting for Sen. Obama, however,  the number of people within that number who planned to vote for McCain was in the single digits.

CBS News:

  • The poll marks the first time that McCain, whose two-point lead is within the poll’s margin of error, has led Obama in CBS News general election polling.
  • Nearly three in four former supporters of Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, now back Obama over McCain. In the August survey, a smaller percentage, 63 percent, backed the man who bested Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

It’s ironic that Obama failed to realize the “dream ticket” with Hillary and is now paying for it by having his opponent recreate a ticket many didn’t know they wanted until they saw it on stage. I’m sure the DNC is having nightmares about it.


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  1. acampbellabc

    This guy’s such a wackjob. He’s probably some deranged and bitter Hillary supporter who’ll take anything in a skirt and on a ticket as the next best thing. He might as well just say McCain leads with all red haired African American women who put on their shoes before their skirt and are left handed. How many different criteria can you find for a friggin poll. What a tool. Who digs this stuff up? Someone who sits at their job and wastes their employers money bloggin as opposed to working. See ya at the unemployment line.

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