This is for you PUMA’s out there:

  • Independent voters back McCain 50 – 43 percent, compared to 47 – 39 percent August 26 and 24 percent of those who backed Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary now support McCain, up from 14 percent August 26.
  • Independent voters back McCain 47 – 43 percent, compared to a 42 – 38 percent Obama lead August 26, and 28 percent of former Clinton supporters now back McCain, compared to 23 percent last time.
  • Among former Clinton supporters, 22 percent support McCain, compared to 25 percent August 26.

 Here are the numbers:

  • Florida: McCain leads 50 – 43 percent, compared to 47 – 43 percent August 26;
  • Ohio: Obama is up 49 – 44 percent, compared to 44 – 43 percent last time;
  • Pennsylvania: Obama leads 48 – 45 percent, compared to 49 – 42 percent
  • With the exception of Ohio, McCain has been trending well.  If McCain outperforms Obama in the upcoming debates or if Obama fumbles in the upcoming CNN forum, I think those OH numbers will move into red territory.  Also, we’ll see how the Obama campaigns performs on the stump once it recalibrates itself and determines whether they will ignore or continue to attack Gov. Palin.


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