Charlie Gibson interviews Sarah Palin

I don’t know if my bias is clouding the way I’m interpreting this video, but it seems like Charlie Gibson is somewhat condescending in the interview.  I  Here’s the portion of the Gibson interview that aired last night:

Now, I don’t object to the line of questioning by Gibson – we should be asking questions. What I do object to is the way the left reacts one way for Obama and another for Palin.  There was a chorus of outrage when Sen. Obama was asked by George Stephanopoulos about his connections with former terrorist William Ayers and the ever-controversial Rev. Wright.  Now, well, they’re giddy:

Charlie was tricking her, and she didn’t know it, because she knows nothing about foreign policy or national politics.If she had, she’d have known that Gibson was really asking her if she agreed with Obama or McCain. Palin, stupidly, faked her answer, and agreed with Obama. 

Yeah, John Aravosis is practically squealing with delight.

While I am certain that Joe Biden is likely to showcase his vast foreign policy knowledge, Sarah Palin needs to remember two words: Tripartite Plan.


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