OH (McCain +4):

Second, more Democrats than Republicans currently express intent to cross party lines November 4. While 11 percent of Democratic likely voters currently say they will vote for McCain, just five percent of Republican likely voters currently intend to vote for Obama. While this bears watching, early partisan “defectors” often “come home” to support their party’s candidate by Election Day.

AP Nat’l Poll (McCain +4):

I’m going to read you the names of the same individuals. For each one, please tell me how much you think each one shares your own values and principles – a lot, somewhat, not too much, or not at all. If you don’t know enough about the person, just let me know

A LOT: John McCain 32, Barack Obama 34, Sarah Palin 37, Joe Biden 20
NOT AT ALL: John McCain 15, Barack Obama 22, Sarah Palin 16, Joe Biden 18
DON’T KNOW ENOUGH: John McCain 4, Barack Obama 5, Sarah Palin 19, Joe Biden 25

That’s interesting.  More people don’t know enough about Joe Biden? Yikes.  It seems like the campaign needs to introduce Pennsylvania’s “third senator”.

Gallup (McCain +4)

Rasmussen (McCain +3)


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