Radio ad: McCain stood in way of stem cell research

Via Ben Smith:

A reader and assiduous radio listener in Colorado sends over word of Obama’s latest, unannounced radio ad buy.

This one addresses Obama’s support of stem cell research, and says McCain has stood in the way of progress on stem cell research.

In fact, McCain has generally been a supporter of stem cell research, though it’s a complicated issue, and hard to address without the details of the ad, which I don’t have.

While Ben doesn’t have the actual radio ad, here’s a quick profile on the subject provided to you by Pew:

McCain opposes embryonic stem cell research that uses cloned human embryos. In 2006 he supported a trio of U.S. Senate bills designed to increase federal funding for adult stem cell research, ban the creation of embryos for research and offer federal support for research using embryos slated for destruction by fertility clinics. In 2007, in what he described as “a very agonizing and tough decision,” he voted to allow research using human embryos left over from fertility treatments.



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