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McCain’s new ad: Joe Biden is, has been and always will be a gaffe machine

It seems like the McCain campaign is trying to pre-empt any possible fall-out from tonight’s VP debate:


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Radio ad: McCain stood in way of stem cell research

Via Ben Smith:

A reader and assiduous radio listener in Colorado sends over word of Obama’s latest, unannounced radio ad buy.

This one addresses Obama’s support of stem cell research, and says McCain has stood in the way of progress on stem cell research.

In fact, McCain has generally been a supporter of stem cell research, though it’s a complicated issue, and hard to address without the details of the ad, which I don’t have.

While Ben doesn’t have the actual radio ad, here’s a quick profile on the subject provided to you by Pew:

McCain opposes embryonic stem cell research that uses cloned human embryos. In 2006 he supported a trio of U.S. Senate bills designed to increase federal funding for adult stem cell research, ban the creation of embryos for research and offer federal support for research using embryos slated for destruction by fertility clinics. In 2007, in what he described as “a very agonizing and tough decision,” he voted to allow research using human embryos left over from fertility treatments.


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Fed, white and blue

With Joe Biden providing the ammo, John McCain returns to mocking the Obama campaign in their latest ad, “Patriotic Act”:

The latest Bidenism could potentially have a Pinocchio effect on voters.  More than half of Americans already believe that an Obama presidency will translate into higher federal taxes, which I suspect is in part related to the effective meme that is often repeated by Republicans.  If played the right way, the puppet that the GOP has carved out to indentify Democrats could turn into flesh and blood before Novemeber 4th.

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Obama campaign: The glove are off — no, seriously, this time they’re off

For the fourth time, the Obama campaign has declared “the gloves are off!!” You know a campaign is full steam ahead when it has to remind the public that it’s on

I wonder how they’re going to fight McCain’s “celebrity” ad?  They’re going to pull out all the stops and if I know the Obama campaign, they will fight — oh, nevermind, they decided they’re going to call McCain an old fart that agrees with President Bush. 

Ed over at HotAir sums it up nicely when he says, “If nothing else, this should be entertaining.” 

I think they’re going to have to put the gloves back on and take them off again at a later date.

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